The fabrication of every quality prosthetic appliance begins with quality basic products, such as the newly developed IvoBase Material from Ivoclar Vivadent. This product is available in two different predosed versions: IvoBase Hybrid and IvoBase High Impact. These self-curing PMMA-base materials combine the benefits of self-curing polymers with those of heat-curing polymers. They define a new eneration of denture base resins with their high precision quality and efficiency.


IvoBase Material shows a very low amount of monomer residue shortly after polymerization.


Due to pressure-heat polymerization, a strong bond to the teeth is established. Precision results are attained with the IvoBase Injector.


Peter Newman, Manager of Newman Dental Laboratory says " Over the last 34 years I have used several injection systems but I have to say that by combining injection with controlled directional polymerization, Ivoclar have created a truly smart system that has resulted in the most accurate processing results I have experienced."   




NDL continues to bring you the latest in technology and materials, now introducing the innovative IvoBase Injection System and Materials: